Config filesΒΆ

The config files are located at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/maestral on Linux (typically ~/.config/maestral) and ~/Library/Application Support/maestral on macOS. Each configuration will get its own INI file with the settings documented below.

Config values in the sections main and account should not be edited manually but rather through the corresponding CLI commands or GUI options. This is because changes of these settings require Maestral to perform accompanying actions, e.g., download items which have been removed from the excluded list or move the local Dropbox directory. Those will not be performed if the user edits the options manually.

Changes to the other sections may be performed manually but will only take effect once Maestral is restarted. Maestral will overwrite the entire config file if any change is made to one of the options through the maestral.config module.


# The current Dropbox directory
path = /Users/samschott/Dropbox (Maestral)

# Default directory name for the config
default_dir_name = Dropbox (Maestral)

# List of excluded files and folders
excluded_items = ['/test_folder', '/sub/folder']

# Config file version (not the Maestral version!)
version = 12.0.0


# Unique Dropbox account ID. The account's email
# address may change and is therefore not stored here.
account_id = dbid:AABP7CC5bpYd8cGHqIColDFrMoc9SdhACA4


# Level for desktop notifications:
# 40 = ERROR
# 100 = NONE
notification_level = 15

# Level for log messages:
# 10 = DEBUG
# 20 = INFO
# 30 = WARNING
# 40 = ERR0R
log_level = 20

# Interval in sec to check for updates
update_notification_interval = 604800

# Enable or disable automatic error reports
analytics = False


# Interval in sec to perform a full reindexing
reindex_interval = 604800
# Maximum CPU usage per core
max_cpu_percent = 20.0