Source code for maestral.exceptions

This module defines Maestral's error classes. It should be kept free of memory heavy

All errors inherit from :exc:`MaestralApiError` which has title and message attributes
to display the error to the user. Errors which are related to syncing a specific
file or folder inherit from :exc:`SyncError`, a subclass of :exc:`MaestralApiError`.

from __future__ import annotations

[docs] class MaestralApiError(Exception): """Base class for Maestral errors MaestralApiError provides attributes that can be used to generate human-readable error messages and metadata regarding affected file paths (if any). Errors originating from the Dropbox API or the 'local API' both inherit from MaestralApiError. :param title: A short description of the error type. This can be used in a CLI or GUI to give a short error summary. :param message: A more verbose description which can include instructions on how to proceed to fix the error. :param dbx_path: Dropbox path of the item that caused the error. :param dbx_path_from: Dropbox origin path of the item that caused the error. This should be set for instance when error occurs when moving an item. :param local_path: Local path of the item that caused the error. :param local_path_from: Local origin path of the item that caused the error. This should be set for instance when error occurs when moving an item. """ def __init__( self, title: str, message: str = "", dbx_path: str | None = None, dbx_path_from: str | None = None, local_path: str | None = None, local_path_from: str | None = None, ) -> None: super().__init__(f"{title}. {message}") self.title = title self.message = message self.dbx_path = dbx_path self.dbx_path_from = dbx_path_from self.local_path = local_path self.local_path_from = local_path_from def __str__(self) -> str: return f"{self.title}. {self.message}"
# ==== regular sync errors =============================================================
[docs] class SyncError(MaestralApiError): """Base class for recoverable sync issues."""
[docs] class DataCorruptionError(SyncError): """Raised when data is corrupted in transit during upload or download."""
[docs] class DataChangedError(SyncError): """Raised when file changes during upload."""
[docs] class InsufficientPermissionsError(SyncError): """Raised when accessing a file or folder fails due to insufficient permissions, both locally and on Dropbox servers."""
[docs] class InsufficientSpaceError(SyncError): """Raised when the Dropbox account or local drive has insufficient storage space."""
[docs] class PathError(SyncError): """Raised when there is an issue with the provided file or folder path such as invalid characters or a too long file name."""
[docs] class NotFoundError(SyncError): """Raised when a file or folder is requested but does not exist."""
[docs] class ConflictError(SyncError): """Raised when trying to create a file or folder which already exists."""
[docs] class FileConflictError(ConflictError): """Raised when trying to create a file which already exists."""
[docs] class FolderConflictError(SyncError): """Raised when trying to create or folder which already exists."""
[docs] class IsAFolderError(SyncError): """Raised when a file is required but a folder is provided."""
[docs] class NotAFolderError(SyncError): """Raised when a folder is required but a file is provided."""
[docs] class DropboxServerError(SyncError): """Raised in case of internal Dropbox errors."""
[docs] class RestrictedContentError(SyncError): """Raised when trying to sync restricted content, for instance when adding a file with a DMCA takedown notice to a public folder."""
[docs] class UnsupportedFileError(SyncError): """Raised when this file type cannot be downloaded but only exported. This is the case for G-suite files."""
[docs] class FileSizeError(SyncError): """Raised when attempting to upload a file larger than 350 GB in an upload session or larger than 150 MB in a single upload. Also raised when attempting to download a file with a size that exceeds file system's limit."""
[docs] class FileReadError(SyncError): """Raised when reading a local file failed."""
[docs] class SymlinkError(SyncError): """Raised when we cannot sync a symlink."""
# ==== errors which are not related to a specific sync event ===========================
[docs] class DropboxConnectionError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when the connection to Dropbox fails"""
[docs] class CancelledError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when syncing is cancelled by the user."""
[docs] class NotLinkedError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when no Dropbox account is linked."""
[docs] class InvalidDbidError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when the given Dropbox ID does not correspond to an existing account."""
[docs] class KeyringAccessError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when retrieving a saved auth token from the user keyring fails."""
[docs] class NoDropboxDirError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when the local Dropbox folder cannot be found."""
[docs] class CacheDirError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when creating the cache directory fails."""
[docs] class InotifyError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when the local Dropbox folder is too large to monitor with inotify."""
[docs] class OutOfMemoryError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when there is insufficient memory to complete an operation."""
[docs] class DatabaseError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when reading or writing to the database fails."""
[docs] class DropboxAuthError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when authentication fails."""
[docs] class TokenExpiredError(DropboxAuthError): """Raised when authentication fails because the user's token has expired."""
[docs] class TokenRevokedError(DropboxAuthError): """Raised when authentication fails because the user's token has been revoked."""
[docs] class CursorResetError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when the cursor used for a longpoll or list-folder request has been invalidated. Dropbox will very rarely invalidate a cursor. If this happens, a new cursor for the respective folder has to be obtained through files_list_folder. This may require re-syncing the entire Dropbox."""
[docs] class BadInputError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when an API request is made with bad input. This should not happen during syncing but only in case of manual API calls."""
[docs] class BusyError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when trying to perform an action which is only possible in the idle state and we cannot block or queue the job."""
[docs] class UnsupportedFileTypeForDiff(MaestralApiError): """Raised when a diff for an unsupported file type was issued."""
[docs] class SharedLinkError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when creating a shared link fails."""
[docs] class PathRootError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when making an API call with an invalid path root header."""
[docs] class UpdateCheckError(MaestralApiError): """Raised when checking for updates fails."""