Source code for maestral.config

import os
from typing import List, TypeVar

from .main import MaestralConfig, MaestralState
from .user import PersistentMutableSet
from ..utils.appdirs import get_conf_path, get_data_path

__all__ = [

_C = TypeVar("_C", bound=str)

[docs] def list_configs() -> List[str]: """ Lists all maestral configs. :returns: A list of all currently existing config files. """ configs = [] for file in os.listdir(get_conf_path("maestral")): if file.endswith(".ini"): configs.append(os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(file))[0]) return configs
[docs] def remove_configuration(config_name: str) -> None: """ Removes all config and state files associated with the given configuration. :param config_name: The configuration to remove. """ MaestralConfig(config_name).cleanup() MaestralState(config_name).cleanup() data_path = get_data_path("maestral") files = [] for file_name in os.listdir(data_path): if file_name.startswith(config_name): files.append(os.path.join(data_path, file_name)) for file in files: try: os.unlink(file) except OSError: pass
[docs] def validate_config_name(string: _C) -> _C: """ Validates that the config name does not contain any whitespace. :param string: String to validate. :returns: The input value. :raises ValueError: if the config name contains whitespace. """ if len(string.split()) > 1: raise ValueError("Config name may not contain any whitespace") return string